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Vivian + Lucas

Saturday, September 26, 2009 was a special day in the lives of Vivian and Lucas, a day where they would become husband and wife with family and friends by their side.
I had the pleasure of being invited, by my friend and fellow photographer Marcos Agrelli, to take some pictures of this special ceremony which was held at Miami Beach Botanical Gardens. The ceremony was beautiful as were the botanical gardens. Here are a couple of pictures for you to enjoy.

Keila + Marcio

I have had the opportunity to travel to Brazil on many occasions and take pictures, although none of these visits were of a professional nature. However, after 14 years I was recently invited to take professional pictures at a wedding as a second photographer assisting my friend Wagner Takamori Photography. The wedding of Keila and Marcio took place on Sep 05, 2009 Campo Grande MS. This event provided me with the opportunity to share what I have learned within the last couple of years with a colleague as well as an opportunity to step out of the box and really capture some amazing moments. I hope you enjoy a brief sample of those moments that I was able to capture and hope that you too can enjoy the beauty of these images.

Jessika + Diego

Jessika and Diego have been dating for many years and thought that this day would never come – but on Saturday, August 22, 2009 their two lives became one. The ceremony was held at Crossbridge Church and the bride’s father, Pastor William Hoyer, officiated. Various family members arrived from Brasil to share in this special moment including the brides grandmother Waldette Hoyer who also did a reading of the scripture and sang a hymn to honor the bride and groom.
The reception was held at Signature Gardens, where not an eye was dry during the Father Daughter Dance. It was a moment to celebrate the marriage but also the many victories God has given to both these families. The festivities continued and everyone was surprised when the Mariachis arrived, which serenaded the bride and groom and also had Tio Beto Hoyer and Paulo Hoyer sing along with the group, what an enjoyable moment. Of course, the night would not be complete without having their son Mathew  participate in some of the festivities with Jessika and Diego, what a beautiful family!
Thank you for allowing us to participate in this very special moment in your lives and allowing me to capture these precious moments for you. May God always be in first place in your lives and may you have many years of happiness, love the Silva Family

“Family” Engagement Pictures

I have been blessed with the opportunity to take pictures of special moments in people’s lives, and I am thankful and appreciate the trust these individuals have given me to share these moments with them. It is especially fulfilling when you share these moments with those who you share your personal lives with. I had the opportunity to take engagement pictures of the children of one of my Pastors who are both getting married.

On Sunday, June 28th I took pictures of Jessika and her fiance Diego who will be getting married on August 22nd. As a couple they decided to have their pictures taken at CocoWalk in the Grove – so off we headed. The session provided us with places and opportunities for some wonderful pictures and it also provided us the opportunity to share their love through these pictures.

On Friday of the following weekend, July 3rd, I had the opportunity to take pictures of Thiago and his fiance Krysten a lovely couple. They searched for a place to take their pictures, not wanting to do what everyone else does, and finally decided on taking pictures at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum. We started really early in the morning and although it was hot outside, we were thankful for a beautiful day. The location alone provided for very interesting pictures, but add to it a beautiful couple and the results are even more amazing.

I hope that both couples enjoy the moments that I captured and I thank them for sharing their love with me and letting me capture those moments from behind the lens of a camera. The Silva family wishes you many years of joy and happiness and that God may be the leader in your lives together.